About the Book

Puppy Possibilities guides you and your puppy along the path of building a life-long relationship by encouraging you to teach your pup, rather than command obedience of him.  The schooling of the pup is presented in a simple, straightforward manner, engaging you to make the most of your puppy adventure, and have some fun along the way.  My approach to training offers the pup every opportunity to succeed in his efforts to please you and your family. 

 Each training session is given life through the use of 200 color photographs and illustrations.  My canine cast of puppies brings their unique personalities to every game, trick, or training technique.  I am honored to have the foreword written by author Rachel Page Elliott.  As the puppy's advocate, it is my goal to educate the general public in a user-friendly fashion.  This enables the family to actually have the pet they always dreamed of, rather than give up, blame the pup, and ship it off to rescue or the local pound.

PayBone Front cover of the Book
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