We are discussing which pieces of your book we would flag as "must do".
I've ordered [additional copies] for two new puppy owners. Such a believer in your very relatable and clear training work!
- Erin P., New York, NY

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing your book is ...
I've read numerous dog and puppy books and consider myself pretty competent with dogs, however, your book is hands down the best and most concise dog training material I have ever come across. Based on our breeder's glowing endorsement of your work, we decided before our puppy came home that we would follow your book's instruction to the letter and thank goodness we have. We routinely find ourselves in disbelief of how well our puppy responds ... It's almost magic!
You are clearly an expert in the field of dog training professionals.
- Graham V. (MA)

We not only recommend that our new families read your book, we insist on it!
The information provided in Puppy Possibilities is invaluable.
- Debra Dalgleish, Soundview Farm Golden Retrievers (Washington)

After reading every book on training a puppy at Barnes and Noble on several Sundays in January, I found Puppy Possibilities was the best instructional book on raising a puppy! Straight and to the point with picture editorials and week-by-week levels to achieve. Love, Love, Love this training book and have recommended it to others.
- John Lentine (Vermont)

Thank you so much! You have a superior book for new and experienced puppy owners alike. I love having everything in one location and just handing out your book.
- Linda Billings, Kisamore Goldens (Maryland)
President, Chesapeake Golden Retriever Club

Thanks for writing such a practical, user-friendly book. We all benefit from it!
- Lynda Lennon (NYC)

The Puppy Possibilities books are a hit with the families of my current litter, even though most of them have raised dogs before!
- Sandy Walton, Royal River Retrievers (Maine)

Hi Kathy!
Thank you for adding an inscription to the books for my new puppy families.
They love your book, Me too!
- Nancy Engelbrecht, Heartstone Goldens (Massachusetts)

Thank you for the great book for my puppy people!!
What I really love is that puppy people love it and talk about it, so I know they are reading it!! “Puppy Possibilities” is the perfect book for both experienced and novice puppy owners! With the photos and the easy way it is written, anyone can raise the best puppy!!
- Wendy Davis, Steelecreek Golden Retrievers (Connecticut)

Your book is a great resource for my puppy families!
- Nancy Satwicz, ChilKoot Golden Retrievers (MA)

Had a fabulous guest speaker tonight at the CT River Valley Golden Retriever Club meeting. Thank you, Kathleen Goodman, for coming and spending some time with us and talking about your excellent book! For those who have not seen it, it's called Puppy Possibilities and is a "Recipe for raising the companion you your dreams."
You can find out more about it at www.puppytrek.com. If you have an all breed club or a breed specific club in the New England area (or anywhere, for that matter) you should consider having her come in to do a presentation. She is a terrific, upbeat and positive speaker! I have been including her book in my puppy packets for my last few litters and have gotten great feedback on it. Thanks again, Kathy!
- Kathi Schapp, FoxRun Goldens, Torrington, CT
President, CTRVGRC

I wrote to thank Heather for the gift and shared with her just how impressed we were with the quality, thoroughness, and clarity of your book. One of the things that separates your book from so very many others, is that you recognize the multiple developmental stages of canine growth and the ongoing, long range nature of good training.
There are so many “one and done” approaches to training ...
As a first grade teacher, I equate your approach to teaching children.
P.S. I love the perforated “hang on your refrigerator” page too.
- Rosemary, Holliston, MA

A really great training book, love the format!
- Robin Prouty, Clover Hill Farm, Hardwick, MA

I received my book today! I'm so excited to have it! I'll be giving a copy to each one of my new puppy families. This is the best gift I could ever send home with a new puppy. Your book is the “go to” book for all the most important lessons I want my families to know and understand. It is so user friendly for everyone in the family. I have read many books on training but never found one that has put together all the information of how to raise a puppy with love and understanding as you have, step by step, week by week - brilliant! It is clearly evident to me you wrote this book for the love of raising a happy, well mannered dog, not for monetary reasons!
Thank you so much for writing this book, and making it affordable to everyone~!
- Michelle Ballou, East Coast Golden Retrievers (Massachusetts)

Love Kathy & her book!
- Kara Wetherby-Ferri, SunKissed Golden Retrievers (New Hampshire)

Best book ever!
- Dawn Conville (Maryland)

It is a fabulous book, the best I have ever had, and I have had Goldens for 19 years. Still look at it, and am looking at it again for our beautiful new boy coming into our family. It is remarkable, informative, and chock full of great training tips.
Great reference I will use over and over. Hope to meet you one day. Thank You!
- Brody’s Mom, Pat (Connecticut)

Kathleen's puppy book is the best; it's like talking to a friend as you read it.
- Tammy Law (New Hampshire)

Hi Kathy, We received the books in yesterday's mail. I really appreciate your beautiful, special presentation! Your book really does help guide puppy families with training and gives the puppy a good start on life.
- Susan Menne, Butternut Hill Golden Retrievers (Vermont)

Hi Kathy, Thanks so much for coming over on Friday. The puppy buyers love their books. You were such a great help with these puppies ... picking, comments, etc.
So helpful when another person not attached, so to speak, to the breeding is making constructive comments.
- Carol Manthorne, Thornelea Goldens (New Hampshire)

I recently bought your book and have recommended it to all my new litter buyers.
I was impressed with the book. I am sure there are many ways to do things successfully with raising a pup and I am convinced your book has been needed for along time. My puppy people are already telling me how helpful it is.
I can only say Thank You for putting it all together in one book.
- Linda Billings, Kisamore Goldens (Maryland)
President, Chesapeake Golden Retriever Club

Kathy, Thank you again for personally signing all the books in that box yesterday ... The new student officers in the Behavior Club will be excited to have this educational tool to share with other students, staff, faculty and our clients. Thank you too, for the discount you provided so the students can sell the books as a fundraiser.
- Dr. Sarah Abood, DVM, PhD, Assistant Dean, Student Programs, Michigan State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

I have loved reading the puppy book. It all makes so much sense. I purchased a copy for my niece who just got a Chocolate Lab puppy. Great job! You deserve a treat!
- Possum and Libby's owner, Barbara (Quebec)

An informative training handbook, Puppy Possibilities is an ideal guide for starting with either a new puppy or an older dog that has just joined a new family environment.
- Connie Gerstner Miller, Malagold Goldens (Michigan)

Hi Kathy, The book is really for my new non-doggy husband as we prepare for a new puppy to join the ranks, but I figure I can always learn new things, too! Edell is a friend of mine and does not give compliments lightly, and she raved about your book! So thanks for writing and I look forward to reading it — All my best.
- Deb, Tom, Highfield Goldens (Wisconsin)

Hi Kathy! Your book is the most thorough and positive training book I have seen.
I will send a copy home with each puppy sold.
- Jeanne Boelsma, Mainely Danes (Maine)

Your book gives me the confidence boost I need to feel as though I can "get it right" as a first time puppy owner. It is wonderfully concise and to the point, filled with practical, critical information on every page. "Puppy Possibilities" is a perfect reference and has become my "go to" resource to find "all the answers!" Indeed I have referred to your book countless times over the first few days we have had our now 8 1/2 week old Corgi puppy. Thank you for creating such a fabulous book!
- Lucy's owner, Rachel (Connecticut)

I just finished reading your book. It was excellent, very easy to read – I couldn’t put it down. It really got me so excited for our puppy. We can not wait for him to arrive! Thank you!
- Stephanie (MA)

Hi Kathy. The book is great! I'm handing out the books early, when folks come to visit, so they are primed when the pup goes home. The response has been overwhelming. I am SURE the book will result in happier puppies and smarter owners.
- Carol Lantiegne, Adirondac Golden Retrievers (New York)

Hi Kathy. Congratulations on the new book and the website! I have often thought of how lucky I was to have found you as my first trainer. You put me on the path to kind, positive training.
- Benny's owner, Sandy (Texas)

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to let you know I saw your book yesterday at Slade Vet in Framingham. What a great book you have put together for new puppy owners. I wish I had had more time to look at it. It seemed to be so complete. I would love to get a copy for myself as well as for my friends, and customers with their new puppies.
- Goldenbear Kennels, Anne (MA)

Hi Kathy, Your book is a terrific resource!
Wish I had it six weeks ago when I got my puppy!
- Pagey's owner, Susan (MA)

Hi Kathy, Here is an update on Lola. While not perfect, she has improved. Everyday we use the techniques & words you taught us. House training has improved. No accidents since you arrived with your magic ideas. Overall Lola has been a pleasure to be around and we credit you with all the tips, vocabulary & encouragement that has helped turn her into a more mannered dog. If it weren’t for you Lola would be with Yankee Golden Retriever rescue!!
- Lola's owner, Lynn (MA)

Hi Kathy, Remember us? We moved to Austin about 15 years ago. The original training you gave us with Teddy and Charly has really come in handy over the years. I still have the folders and handouts you gave us for our "puppy kindergarten" classes! I foster a few rescues every year and the positive training has really made a difference, especially potty training. Thank you! I really appreciate the positive training that you do.
- Teddy and Charlie's owner, Sandy (Texas)

Knowing the directives to use, and learning how to train with voice and food incentives was very helpful. We feel like we are in control now not him.
- Captain's owner, Janet (MA)

The concepts I learned about dog training from you turned living with a dog into pleasure instead of an unpleasant chore.
- Andy's owner, Kerry (Ohio)

Kathy, I loved your book. I wish I had it three years ago. The book almost makes me want another puppy so I could do it right from the very beginning. Thank you.
- Marcia (MA)

You taught me how to be patient and consistent in training. We also learned that our dog is really smart and wants to please us. Thank you Kathy!
- Brandee's owner, Stephen (MA)

Thank you for everything. You’ve made owning and working with my first dog a joy! It’s a dream come true!
- Holly's owner, Laurie (MA)

It’s amazing how quickly puppies can learn. You taught us that by patience, practice, and praise they respond more quickly than by other methods. We learned a lot about our puppy. Thank you!
- Fred's owner, Phil (MA)

It's so much easier to learn when you're having fun!
- Ashley's owner, Bobbie (MA)

The training we've learned came out at a good time in their puppyhood. This was a good foundation for future training. We look forward to many years of living with enjoyable and controllable pets.
- Spanky & Alfalfa's owners, Marjorie & Ed (MA)

This course has been extremely helpful in getting Brandee to understand how we'd like her to behave. I think your methods: lots of praise, firm but gentle hand, voice modulation, and the 3 P's are excellent! I also think that starting puppies at such an early age is a great idea!
- Brandee's owner, Nancy (MA)

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