CAN Champion Mirasol’s I Luv Ricky Ricotta, CDX, TD, AXP, CCA, CAN CD
(11/11/2001 - 03/20/2014)

Desi is the inquisitive boy on the cover of Puppy Possibilities, and within its pages, the eight-week-old traveler in the Foreword, the canine silhouette in Moonlighting, the playful speedster in Come on. Let’s go!, the steady subject in Watch Me Grow!, the handsome show-off in Anatomy, and the eager pupil in Back to School Days.

Most of all, he’s the companion I always dreamed of.
In every respect, Desi became the "possibility" that Puppy Possibilities is all about.

We had to say goodbye unexpectedly on the first day of Spring this year, 2014. Every morning, including his last, my slightest movement would prompt Desi to leap onto our bed, and give me a kiss on the cheek. To my question, “Is it time to get up?”, his reply would be a spirited moaning of “Uh huh, Uh huh.”

While that echo is physically absent now,
it reverberates strongly, and proudly in my heart.

Thank you for all the love, “Honeyman”. We miss you so ...
You will always be our “Champion”, and your spirit will forever linger in our souls.

Musical credits:
"The Dream"  (1987),  A Change of Heart - David Sanborn
"Letter from Home"  (1989),  Letter from Home - Pat Metheny Group

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